Elemeno ML-Ops Platform

Elemeno offers a fully-managed, highly scalable infrastructure and a standard serverless architecture so your team can focus on building models. Take the benefits of using Kubernetes, Kubeflow, Jupyter, and much more without being an expert in engineering.

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Modeling as a Service

Our team can work hand-in-hand with you to explore problems that can be solved with artificial intelligence and create custom solutions based on your needs. Reach out to learn more about our consulting and development services.

Machine Learning

ML-Ops as a Service

If your team wants to go deeper into the technical aspect of automating machine learning pipelines, we can share our experiences and help you internally replicate the successful recipes we have in our platform.

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About us

Founded by a team primarily consisting of Machine Learning Engineers

Elemeno provides industry-leading ML Ops that allow data science professionals to accelerate and automate their machine learning life-cycles.

Our core values

Code is Law

meet the team

Lucas Bonatto Miguel
Founder - CEO
Ahmed Asadi
Machine Learning Engineer
Michael Tam
Head of Marketing Operations
Bruno Oliveira
Machine Learning Engineer
Leonardo Almeida
Software Engineer

About us

We’re Hiring!

Elemeno is always looking for top machine learning engineers. Please send a copy of your resume/cv and your LinkedIn profile to contact@elemeno.ai

Empowering data teams

The AI ecosystem is growing rapidly and users need our help to make the right decisions. Our solutions are enablers of productivity and were created to maximize the time ML practitioners spend with modeling, automating the heavy-duty of engineering.

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Our team is available to learn more about your current workflow when developing Machine Learning, send us a message and we will join a call to assess your needs and help you to migrate smoothly.

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